ACUTE MEDICAL CARE - We try our best to accommodate your visit on the same day if you are unwell.

CHRONIC MEDICAL CONDITIONS eg. High blood pressure, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Asthma, Thyroid conditions, Obesity and others. Most conditions should be reviewed by the doctor every 3 months, if stable. Appointments can be made 2 weeks in advance.

HEALTH SCREENING - Packages are customised to your health profile. Blood/ Urine/ Stool tests/ Pap Smear/ ECG are all done in the clinic premises. XRays are arranged at a convenient Radiology centre. Plan to do this Annually

WELL WOMEN CHECK UP - including Pap Smear, Contraceptive advice and prescription, IUD insertion and removal, Menopause treatment, Osteoporosis screening, Breast Cancer screening

CHILDREN'S HEALTH - Annual check up, Childhood Immunisation, Developmental and Growth assessment, Nutritional supplements, School Medical Examinations

VACCINATIONS - Childhood, Adolescent and Adult immunisation, Travel vaccinations

DOMESTIC HELPER CHECK UPS - Mandatory 6 monthly checks

TRAVEL HEALTH - Travel advice, Travel Pack (medicines), Vaccinations. Ideally, plan a consultation 4-6 weeks prior to departure, to allow for vaccines to take effect. Pre Departure ART and PCR tests are available by appointment

MEDICAL EXAMINATIONS: PR/ Social visit pass/ Student/ Pre-employment/ Insurance Checks