ACUTE MEDICAL CARE - We try our best to accommodate your visit on the same day if you are unwell.

CHRONIC MEDICAL CONDITIONS  eg. High blood pressure, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Asthma, Thyroid conditions, Obesity , Acne , Chronic kidney disease and others. Most conditions should be reviewed by the doctor every 3 months, if stable. Appointments can be made 2 weeks in advance.

HEALTH SCREENING  - Packages are customised to your health profile. Blood/ Urine/ Stool tests/ Pap Smear/ ECG are all done in the clinic premises. XRays  (eg Mammogram , chest Xray) or Scans are arranged at a convenient Radiology centre. Aim to do this Annually.

WELL WOMEN CHECK UP  - including Breast Cancer screening, Cervical cancer screening (Pap Smear/ HPV), Contraceptive advice and prescription, IUD insertion and removal, Menopause treatment, Osteoporosis screening

CHILDREN'S HEALTH - Annual check up, Childhood Immunisation, Developmental and Growth assessment, Nutritional supplements, School Medical Examinations

VACCINATIONS - Childhood, Adolescent and Adult immunisation, Travel vaccinations

DOMESTIC HELPER CHECK UPS - Mandatory 6 monthly checks

TRAVEL HEALTH - Travel advice, Travel Pack (medicines), Vaccinations. Ideally, plan a consultation 4-6 weeks prior to departure, to allow for scheduling of vaccines.

MEDICAL EXAMINATIONS: PR/ Social visit pass/ Student/ Pre-employment/ Insurance/ Driving licence examinations