PreDeparture Testing, Pre event Testing

Acute Respiratory Infections, Home Recovery Program

We are taking all precautions to minimise exposure of all our clinic visitors and patients to infectious diseases, including COVID.

All consultations are strictly by appointment. The staff will triage the reason for the appointment, to ensure segregation of patients with fever and respiratory symptoms. Please assist us to keep everyone safe by declaring any illness/ symptoms of fever/ sore throat/ cough/ runny nose and also any known COVID exposure/ positive ART/ PCR results.

Patients with Fever / ARI (acute respiratory infection) symptoms will be seen by appointment ONLY during the following timings: 2-3 pm on Mon/ Tues/ Thurs/ Fri afternoons, 11.30am - 12.30pm on Wed/ Sat/ Sun mornings and 8.00pm -8.30pm on Mon - Thurs evenings (the timings are adjusted according to the case load)


  1. PCR - Testing timed at 72hrs - 30hrs pre departure. Results (notarised memo) will be sent by email within 30 hours of testing. Cost: $110 (inclusive of GST)

  2. ART - Results available within 30mins of testing. Hardcopy memo provided. Cost $25 (inclusive of GST)

Please call 64404556 to book your appointment. We apologise if we are unable to accomodate your request due to overwhelming demand.

Please prepare the following documents to be brought along :

  1. Passport and Flight itinerary - Original + 1 photocopy

  2. To speed up your registration process, please write down the following particulars of all persons who are travelling on a paper: Name (as in PASSPORT), Passport number, NRIC/ FIN number, Date of Birth, Nationality

The choice of PCR or ART is dependant on the destination country's protocol. Please confirm exact requirements for your predeparture test with your airline and destination country's embassy website, as these may change suddenly.

Please WhatsApp @ 8504 7224 to cancel your appointment if you are unable to attend.

(We are currently NOT offering the remote supervised ART test for travellers)


ART - Results available and Trace Together updated within 30mins of testing. Cost $25 (inclusive of GST)


Anyone with Fever/ ARI symptoms such as sore throat/ cough/ runny nose, will be advised to undergo Government funded ART or PCR testing (based on prevailing MOH protocols) . While awaiting the PCR result (usually available within 24hours), you are advised to remain at home, until PCR result is negative and you have recovered from symptoms.

If you test POSITIVE for COVID 19, most patients will be able to recover in the comfort of their own homes under the HOME RECOVERY PROGRAMME (HRP) with symptomatic treatment.

As licensed Telemedicine providers, we will be able to provide you support via Teleconsultations when required (usual consultation fees apply)